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Bluguard wireless system is your ultimate choice, its installation friendly and hazard free without hacking to your existing premises. The wireless system comprises wireless receiver board and wireless transmitter board. The stability and long battery life coupled with installation friendly had made wireless system a priority choice among home owners. The Bluguard wireless system provides the wireless door/windows sensors enable the sensors to be installed at ease that best fits yours needs.

Product Description

Bluguard Supervised Wireless Module is used in conjunction with Bluguard Control Panel.
It is a standalone wireless module which consists of four elements:
  • AL-RC-200: 8-Channel Supervised Wireless Receiver
  • AL-TX-200: Supervised Wireless Transmitter
  • AL-KC-200: 4-Channel Keychain Remote Control
  • AL-RP-200: Supervised Wireless Repeater
  • Provides wireless connectivity between control panel and sensor / remote.
  • 315 MHz operating frequency
  • Enroll code learning

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