Samsung CCTV SIR-4150
Samsung CCTV SIR-4150 Samsung CCTV System Kajang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. Supplier, Supply, Supplies, Installation | WYA AUTOMATION SYSTEM

1/3” Day & Night, IR LED Camera with Built-in Varifocal Lens

The SIR-4150 is a complete environmental camera package. It is a fully integrated camera, with 3.8 ~ 9.5mm V/F AI lens and IR illuminator built into an IP65 rated enclosure with sunshield.
During daytime operation, the camera produces crisp 520 line resolution color images. At night, the camera switches to black and white mode, removes the IR cut filter, and illuminates the scene up to 30M (98ft) away without any added lighting. The IP65 rating means that the enclosure will protect the camera against dust or water.

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